28 Sep 2006

Vanuatu holds workshop on Westminster versus Republican system

7:03 am on 28 September 2006

A veteran Vanuatu MP, Sela Molisa, says his country would not suit replacing the current Westminister system of government with a Republican system.

Mr Molisa recently joined other Vanua'aku Pati members in Santo to hold Vanuatu's first workshop and debate on the relative merits of the two systems.

The idea of such discussion was proposed by Vanuatu's head of State, President Kalkot Mataskelekele earlier this year.

The president wanted ni-Vanuatu to consider changing to the Republican system to address the problem of political instability in the country.

But Mr Molisa says the discussion was good opportunity to talk with the community.

"The biggest point that came out was that we do not think, and our people in the islands agree with us, that we do not think it is appropriate at this time. Because even if we change the system, the problem is Vanuatu culture and the way politics are run in Vanuatu from independence until now and we don't think changing the system will enhance political stability."

Sela Molisa.