28 Sep 2006

New Caledonian group seeks court order to stop Goro project

1:31 pm on 28 September 2006

The New Caledonian Kanak group Rheebu Nuu has called for a court injunction to stop the Goro nickel project in the territory's south, saying the project is illegal.

The action has been taken in France and is being backed by 21 fishermen and farmers in New Caledonia.

The move is based on concern that the two-billion US dollar plant near Yate will cause serious pollution.

The group also says the project goes against human rights provisions guaranteed by France.

It also alleges that the site has been militarised and claims that police are not independent because they use vehicles allegedly provided by the mining company.

In April, Rheebu Nuu activists caused ten million US dollars in damage in an attack on the Goro site which was shut for three weeks.