29 Sep 2006

Cook Islands Party confident special votes will give them more seats in Parliament

10:37 am on 29 September 2006

The Cook Islands Party President Nga Rau says he's confident they can win back at least two of the three key seats they lost in this weeks general election.

The party's leader and deputy leader both lost their seats and the party also lost the seat previously held by Sir Geoffrey Henry.

Mr Rau says while the margin may be too big in Takuvaine, he's confident they will win Manihiki where they trail by eight and Tupapa Maraerenga the biggest surprise of election night.

"There is about 98 advance votes, and the envelope votes and the declaration votes. We are hoping we will switch back to the CIP, and any Manihiki our leader Henry is very confident that he will retain the seat, so I am very confident that in that seat we will hold onto it."