29 Sep 2006

Samoa Party stands by leader despite bribery conviction

4:16 pm on 29 September 2006

Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong has been re-elected as leader of the Samoa Party despite a court ruling finding him guilty of bribery.

Su'a was voted in again to lead the party hours after the court decision on Tuesday.

The Party's new president Leta'a Daniel Devoe insists Su'a's integrity is not questioned, saying Su'a didn't seek out the family of Malama Tauave to give them a TV set.

He claims they stopped Su'a's motor vehicle and asked him to take their TV to Upolu to be repaired.

The set was beyond repair and Su'a bought the family a new TV.

Leta'a also stressed that Malama and Su'a are related.

Su'a, who was honored by Transparency International for his integrity and honesty while he was Auditor General, was fired after his office issued a report which showed corruption among cabinet ministers.

Leta'a says the Samoa Party knows Su'a principles and they stand beside him despite the court ruling finding Su'a guilty of bribery.