2 Oct 2006

Greenpeace wants all non reporting tuna vessels deregistered

5:53 am on 2 October 2006

Greenpeace says it wants the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to deregister all fishing vessels not reporting their positions to authorities.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific Oceans Team leader, Nilesh Goundar, made the call as the Compliance Committee meeting at the 2nd annual session of the WCPFC got underway in Australia.

The WCPFC was set up in 2004 to protect Pacific tuna stocks and most of the pacific nations, plus the fishing nations of China and South Korea are members.

Mr Goundar says all vessels registered to the WCPFC commonly known as the Regional Tuna Commission should have a vessel monitoring system or VMS that is tamper proof and that reports automatically.

"Our concern is that we really don't know what they are doing, what fish they are catching, how much of it they are catching, who they are trans-shipping this tuna fish to and for how long this is going on for and this all contributes to the problem of overfishing in the pacific."