2 Oct 2006

CNMI class action beneficiaries get cheques

3:01 pm on 2 October 2006

The lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit against the Northern Marianas garment industry and some retailers have mailed a total of more than five million US dollars to more than 29,000 workers.

Attorney Pamela Parker, who appeared in court via telephone along with two other off-island counsels for the plaintiffs, stated that the cheques are already in the mail.

A participant in the case estimates that each of the 29,700 cheques could only be worth an estimated 199 US dollars.

The Garment Oversight Board has underscored the need for the it to be notified about the cheques when the 120 days expire.

Any money that is not claimed during the period will go to the board.

It says the cheques are not only going to Saipan, but also to China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and other countries where there are workers who were part of the class-action suit.

The board says that under the settlement, some 4 million would go to the GOB's monitoring program.

The board was created pursuant to the settlement to oversee the monitoring program of the garment industry.