3 Oct 2006

PNG Kokoda mining area project at exploration stage only

8:01 pm on 3 October 2006

The managing director of the Australian company Frontier Resources, Peter McNeil, says it is only exploring the area where Papua New Guinea's Kokoda track is located.

He says the company has not been given any approval by PNG to mine in the area as some media have reported.

Mr McNeil says the Kokoda track does run through the middle of its 540 square kilometer area, and the nearest drilling hole is 400 meters away from the track.

He says damage from drilling to the isolated area has been minimal.

"It doesn't cross the track. We've had no impact at all on the track. The only thing people have complained about is they saw our marking tape in the bush and we have no plans for our exploration. If there is a mining operation we would endeavour to ensure there is no damage to the track."

Peter McNeil says the inground value of gold, copper and other minerals is around 3.4 billion US dollars.