12 Oct 2006

Two Wellington rugby union players looking foward to games in the UK

6:45 am on 12 October 2006

Two Wellington rugby union players are looking forward to playing for the Pacific Islanders Alliance Rugby Union team or PIRA next month.

The team selected from the Fiji, Samoa and Tonga unions will play three tests, one each against Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Hurricanes winger Lome Faatau, whose playing in his second PIRA side says he's looking forward to playing for the team again.

"Yeah it'll be something nice, nice and refreshing, especially after, it's been a long year already, but every time you go to a new team and that, it's a new environment, new bunch of guys and that, so it's always refreshing on its own."

And the Wellington Lions forward Mahonri Schwalger who missed out on the 2004 PIRA side because of injury says it's an honour to be selected.

Oh it's a privilege as well, i've been honouring as well aye, especially about four different, three different countries coming together, just to form this team, special team. so I'm pretty proud of being in the team as well.