17 Oct 2006

Fiji golf team heads to South Africa

11:01 am on 17 October 2006

The Fiji golf coach, Steven Kent is confident of doing well at the Eisenhower Trophy amateur tournament in South Africa starting next week.

Fiji is sending a four man team to the tournament which they've not taken part in since 1984.

Seventy five nations from around the world are competing but Kent is confident his side will take the pressure.

"Ah obviously it's going to be very very competitive for us, I think the guys will do well, they've put a lot of hard work in, they're well prepared we've been working together since January, so I think depending on how they go with the pressure of the event and the scale of it I think the guys will do well. The main thing for the guys to go there is to get some experience and have a lot of fun because that's what it's all about."

The Fiji team is Arunesh Chandra, Arvind Lal, New Zealand based Neelkash Ram and 19-year old Olaf Allen.

And Fiji will also make a bid to stage the 2012 through their team manager and the CEO from the Ministry of Sport - Poasa Ravea.