17 Oct 2006

Fiji questions politician over Papua comment

2:29 pm on 17 October 2006

Fiji police have questioned the leader of the Nationalist Tako Lavo Party and former coup convict, Iliesa Duvuloco, about his demonstration calling for a free West Papua.

Mr Duvuloco staged his demonstration during the recent Melanesian Arts Festival in Suva where he called on participants to support freedom for West Papua from Indonesian rule.

The Daily Post quotes Mr Duvuloco as saying that following a complaint police wanted information in the caution interview to enable them to decide whether to lay charges against him.

He says if he is jailed for supporting the good cause of freedom for his West Papuan brothers and sisters, he is willing to pay that price.

Mr Duvuloco has also called on the Fiji government to play a proactive role in helping West Papua gain its independence.