18 Oct 2006

Niue to discuss housing project

8:11 pm on 18 October 2006

The Niue government hopes to hold formal talks later this month with a group wanting to construct housing on the island.

Little is known about the group which subscribes to the principles of Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian method of constructing buildings in which men and nature are in harmonious balance.

Some of the group have been staying at the island's only hotel, the Matavai, for months amid rumours they wanted to buy it.

The premier Young Vivian says he spoke with the person in charge three days ago and he wants to meet up, hopefully next week, before committing to any development.

"They are not leaning towards buying Matavai at the present moment. They are leaning towards establishing about 100 units. So the locations may be at different places. But nothing yet on paper."

Young Vivian