20 Oct 2006

NZ parliamentarians call for action to fight HIV in PNG

4:59 pm on 20 October 2006

A group of New Zealand MPs which took part in a study tour of Papua New Guinea earlier this year says its PNG counterparts need to make a real effort to tackle the soaring levels of HIV/Aids.

Its spokesperson, Labour MP Steve Chadwick, says the group which went on a series of field trips, was stunned at the level of HIV/Aids and the lack of co-ordinated action to tackle the problem.

She says they want to see MPs make a strong commitment to a country plan and to make good use of the donor funding.

And Ms Chadwick says the MPs mustn't undermine the often very good HIV programmes being implemented by the NGO sector.

"The Government must accept that that sector is a very valid and a very able contributor to growing that level of awareness out in the communities, growing the voluntary support, and spending the money wisely."

Steve Chadwick