23 Oct 2006

Striking union in French Polynesia wants dissolution of assembly

2:29 pm on 23 October 2006

The French Polynesian union leader, Ronald Terorotua, has called for the dissolution of the territorial assembly.

This comes as a strike by his O Oe To Oe Rima union and other supporters is in its second week, with no resolution to the stand-off in sight.

Talks have been deadlocked and the unions continue to block some of the main access roads to Papeete in defiance of the law.

Mr Terorotua has told the RFO radio that the assembly, which was elected two years ago, should be dissolved and he says the territorial president should do the same.

"It is clear that today Oscar Temaru can no longer lead this country. It is more interesting for him to demand the dissolution."

Ronald Terorotua has also said that he won't set up new road blocks and says he doesn't have the means to block the territory's main institutions.