24 Oct 2006

American Samoa Governor sets the record straight on citizenship

12:37 pm on 24 October 2006

American Samoa's Governor says only the U.S. Congress can legislate changes regarding citizenship and not American Samoa.

Togiola Tulafono was responding to inquiries from local residents who asked if a person from Samoa lives and works in American Samoa for more than 60 years, can the territory grant that person citizenship.

Togiola says citizenship is not a local issue, but is controlled by the US government and only Congress can legislate changes with regards to citizenship.

He says that it does not matter how long a foreigner lives or work in American Samoa, it does not change his/her citizenship.

Togiola says its the same thing if that same person lives and works in any other states of the United States or other territories.

He says there is only one citizenship for American Samoans and that's as United States of America nationals.