24 Oct 2006

Extensive damage in southern Solomons now northern Vanuatu being bashed by Xavier

8:56 pm on 24 October 2006

There are reports of extensive damage caused by Cyclone Xavier on Tikopia in the far southeast of Solomon Islands.

The People's First Network reports that Tikopia which was wrecked by Cyclone Zoe nearly 3 years ago, has experienced flooding and the loss of food gardens.

And widespread flooding is expected in parts of Vanuatu's northern provinces of Torba, Penama and Sanma as Cyclone Xavier passes a few kilometres to the east.

The cyclone, which has winds of up to 180 kilometres an hour at its centre, is moving slowly southeast.

Storm force winds of up to 110 kilometres per hour will affect Torba province.

Gale force winds will affect Penama, Sanma and later Malampa province.

Coastal flooding and very rough seas with heavy swells are expected.