25 Oct 2006

Swain Islanders to select representative to House of Representatives

11:09 am on 25 October 2006

A meeting of Swains islanders will be held this weekend to select their non voting representative to the American Samoa House of Representatives.

An official from the Election Office will be present during the meeting on Saturday, as an observer.

Under the Revised Constituion of American Samoa all adult permanent residents of Swains Island who are US citizens and nationals are eligible to attend and give an opinion on who should be the Swains representative.

Usually the meeting is held on Swains, however there are less than 10 people now living on the island as most have moved to American Samoa's main island Tutuila because the island is devoid of basic necessities, like power and water

Alexander Jennings a descendant of Eli Jennings the American who first settled on the island and called it his own, has served one term in the House and is expected to get a second term.