25 Oct 2006

French Polynesia's president re-states pro-independence stance

8:21 pm on 25 October 2006

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, says it is time to embark on the institutional process to ultimately achieve self-governance.

Mr Temaru delivered a speech at the Forum that was highly critical of France, saying that neither of his governments have been accepted by the French state.

He was speaking out after former members of the GIP force seized the presidential palace and other government buildings but were eventually evicted by riot police.

Mr Temaru accused the French government of not ensuring order and security in the territory since he came to power.

He says there have been frequent attempts to destabilise his government by people who are backed by pro-French parties.

Mr Temaru says he believes the French High Commissioner only took action this time and called in the riot police because he was in Fiji.

He also called on the Forum to put the issue of the fallout from French nuclear tests on its next agenda.

The president then asked the Forum leaders for their support for the re-inscription of French Polynesia on the U.N. list of non-self governing nations.

Mr Temaru says this in no ways means that they wish to cut all ties with France but would prefer to agree on a common agenda towards self-determination of the Maohi people.

He also called on Pacific nations to support their drive because he says they will not be able to convince France without their help and solidarity.