30 Oct 2006

French Polynesia opposition Rautahi Party accuses public broadcaster of censorship

11:53 am on 30 October 2006

French Polynesia's small opposition Rautahi Party has accused the public broadcaster TNTV of censorship after it dropped part of a pre-recorded interview with the party leader, Jean-Christophe Bouissou.

He says a formal complaint is being lodged with the French Broadcasting Standards Authority, the CSA, describing the TV station's decision incompatible with the obligations of French television networks.

Mr Bouissou has accused the TNTV boss, Erick Monod of acting like a political commissar for the government .

He says in the current affairs programme he was asked to respond to comments by a government MP but his reply was not shown in full.

Mr Monod has defended his decision, saying the station won't be the battle ground for political arguments to be transformed into invective or cheap shots.