3 Nov 2006

CSTNC strike in New Caledonia in sixth week

2:32 pm on 3 November 2006

The CSTNC strike in New Caledonia, which is in its sixth week, is putting financial pressure on the territory's public and its economy.

The union is demanding several things, including the departure of all Filipino workers employed by the Goro Nickel company, and cheaper living costs.

All talks between the union and the government were unsuccessful.

Our correspondent, Tuo Chinula, says many contractors are without work, because their companies are affected by the strike action and most retailers in Noumea are also badly affected.

But she says many unionists have also given up.

"It is in its sixth week now. In a way it has lost momentum, both in the press, but also a lot of supporters of the union, they have given up. A lot of them just couldn't cope with the financial pressure of going on strike for such a long time. So it has lost a lot of its momentum, but it is still on."

At least one mine belonging to the SLN company is still blocked.