3 Nov 2006

New Caledonian businesses say union and government must take responsibility over strike

4:04 pm on 3 November 2006

New Caledonia's retailers say they are becoming increasingly annoyed with a union strike that is now in its sixth week.

The CSTNC union's demands all Filipino and other foreign workers employed by the Goro Nickel company leaving the country, and cheaper living costs.

All government attempts to negotiate a solution have been unsuccessful.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Tuo Chinula, says the strike is affecting many businesses, and retailers now say the union and the government must take responsibility.

"There's been a lot of disruption in the city centre, so for people trying to get into town, just has not been easy. Nobody is going shopping in the town centre unless they absolutely have to. So the retailers are getting really fed up about that. They have come together and said that they are going to take action. So they just issued this announcement and they said that they will be taking further action."

The strikers are still blocking at least one mine of the SLN company in the north of the country and Tuo Chinula says this is putting enormous financial pressure on the enterprise.