6 Nov 2006

Aid donors and Vanuatu government agree on sector wide approach in education

7:21 pm on 6 November 2006

Aid donors and the Vanuatu Government have agreed to take a co-ordinated approach to how education funding is provided.

Most of the money in the education sector in Vanuatu is provided by New Zealand, Australia, France and the European Union, and up to now this money has been applied to particular projects.

The government is holding a summit on education over the next two days where a new strategy will usher in this sector wide approach.

The education minister, Jo Natuman, says from next year the donors will pay directly into the education sector strategy.

"At the moment we have a lot of aid donors playing different parts in terms of the development sector, so sometimes it is quite difficult co-ordinating the various aid activities in the sector. The new strategy will define fairly clearly what are the objectives and priorities in the sector, so that it will be much more co-ordinated."