7 Nov 2006

Fiji government official denies collusion with military in current crisis

8:05 pm on 7 November 2006

One of the two Fiji government chief executive officers alleged to have colluded with the military in the recent crisis has strongly rejected the allegations.

Radio Legend reports that he is the chief executive of the ministry of justice, Sakiusa Rabuka.

Mr Rabuka has told the radio that he is shocked to hear that he is allegedly part of the group which has been implicated in plotting against the government.

Sakiusa Rabuka says his official government residence is next to the military's Strategic Command Headquarters in the Domain, separated by just a fence.

He says someone is assuming that he is giving advice to the military.

Sakiusa Rabuka has challenged who ever is spreading such rumours to come forward and identify himself.

Earlier, the public service commission warned all public servants to remain loyal to the government of the day.