8 Nov 2006

Greenpeace says floating rubbish gathers near Hawaii

2:56 pm on 8 November 2006

Greenpeace has just released findings into the increasing quantities of plastic trash found floating in the north Pacific Ocean.

The organisation's latest report says there is a swirling vortex of trash in the Pacific near Hawaii, which is choking birds and fish and injuring seals and whales.

A Greenpeace spokesperson, Nilesh Goundar, says the problem is worsening.

"The trash vortex is one of the most studied areas of plastic accumulation in our oceans. At its maximum the area can reach the size of the state of Texas in the US and made up of everything from tiny pieces of plastic debris to large ghost nets lost from the fishing industry."

Nilesh Gounder says people need to be more responsible and change their attitudes to reduce, reuse or recycle rubbish.

Greenpeace has been compiling studies on pollution since 1990 as part of its research into what's threatening the oceans.