13 Nov 2006

End of New Caledonian RFO dispute welcomed

2:42 pm on 13 November 2006

The Paris-based international journalists' organisation Reporters Without Borders has welcomed the end of the seven-month conflict at New Caledonia's public broadcaster, RFO.

The organisation had deplored the repeated blockades by a minority of unionists at the station which caused disruption to television broadcasts.

The strike by the USTKE union ended when an agreement was signed last week providing for a new career path for a Kanak technician at the centre of the dispute.

Reporters Without Borders also says this year has seen a range of incidents affecting the New Caledonian media.

It says journalists have been excluded from news conferences or being stopped from filming, and printing shops have been blocked to prevent the publication of first the territory's Les Infos weekly and recently of the only daily newspaper, Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes.