16 Nov 2006

Fiji's Chaudhry makes ministerial post conditional on policy

5:22 pm on 16 November 2006

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party says he won't accept the job of Deputy Prime Minister unless major concessions are made by the government.

Mahendra Chaudhry says he won't even look at the offer while the government continues to impose a 15 per cent Value Added Tax on the poor.

Mr Chaudhry says he will only go into cabinet if there's agreement on major economic and social issues and a charter on governance for the next five years.

He says the government is not acting inclusively, and the multi-party cabinet is being used to push its own agenda.

"The multi party cabinet is being paraded as a panacea of all the ills, its nonsense. The multi party cabinet, we said was going in there to make a difference to the government of this nation. But we can't see anything happening, it is going from bad to worse."

Mr Chaudhry claims he's not interested in the spoils of office but wants to see the country run properly.