22 Nov 2006

Fiji military renews calls for dismissal of police commisssioner

10:05 am on 22 November 2006

Fiji's military says the country's Australian police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, is a threat to national security and must be removed.

The acting commander, navy Captain Esala Teleni, says Mr Hughes is part of Australia's strategy to push for neocolonialism.

A document signed by Captain Teleni given to the prime minister says recent actions by Mr Hughes in questioning the activities of the military have compromised his position under political pressure and foreign influence.

It says as such his office is no longer neutral and impartial in handling affairs of the state.

Captain Teleni's document says Mr Hughes played a part in the government's failed attempt to remove Commodore Bainimarama as commander earlier this month.

It also says Mr Hughes lied to the nation about the military's removal of ammunition from Suva wharf.

The military is demanding Mr Hughes' immediate removal from Fiji.

It says this will offer the opportunity to restore trust and cooperation between the military, the police and the government.

The military has also called for a review of the role of the Police Tactical Response Unit, saying the existence of another element is not healthy for the country.