24 Nov 2006

Tonga group says peace has to be first and foremost in move to more democratic system

6:21 pm on 24 November 2006

Tonga's Women's Action Group for Change says a new approach needs to be taken to reform in the country.

In his speech from the throne yesterday King George Tupou V said the various proposals for reform are not irreconciliable and he promised there would be dialogue to resolve these differences.

The spokesperson for the Women's Action Group for Change, Ofa Guttenbeil Likiliki, says she would like to see the government bringing together all the stakeholders right down to the grassroots.

"For everyone to be able to participate in the dialogue and to participate in the reconstruction of our country, and yes, we do represent a group -Tonga Women's Action Group for Change who are wanting change in Tonga. Of course everyone wants change in Tonga but not the way we saw on Thursday night. Tonga Women's Action Group for Change is encouraging peace first and foremost, peaceful methods and for a democracy that can fit Tonga, not to force a Western style democracy onto our small island nation."