30 Nov 2006

IFNA continues to support Fiji for World Netball champs but have a plan B

5:45 am on 30 November 2006

New Zealand or Australia could well be on the International Netball Federations contingency plan if Fiji is unable to host next year's World Championships.

The Federations vice-President, New Zealander Kereyn Smith says at this stage Fiji is not in danger of losing the champs, but admits they do have a contingency plan if the political instability there escalates.

Fiji is facing the threat of a 4th political coup in 20 years, as the standoff between the government and military continue.

Smith says they are keeping a close eye on things in Fiji and with the championships 8 months away they are still planning on them being there... however they have thought about other options....

"If that needed to be activated then we would have to deal with that at the time at this stage though however we are not pursuing that actively were are really focussing on Fiji I guess to try and get the best advice we can, and again the fact that it is quite some months away we just need to really focus on what we can control put some backup plans in place and activate them when and if we need to."

A city like Auckland seems an obvious choice if Suva is unable to host the tournament.