30 Nov 2006

Papua New Guinean footballer in awe at superstar Christian Karembeu

8:03 am on 30 November 2006

The 24-year-old Papua New Guinea footballer Nathaniel Lepani says meeting the Pacific's most successful player gives him the confidence to strive to be the best.

Lepani met Christian Karembeu whose achievements include 53 caps for France during which time he won the world cup, and was in Auckland for the launch of Oceania Football Confederation or OFC's Champions Club league competition.

Lepani says he was a bit overwhelmed with Karembeu.

"I was starry eyed when I saw him before, I mean this guy has won it all, he's won Champions League, he's won the World Cup, he's touched the World Cup, played with players like Zidane. I mean seeing him in person, and seeing that he's come back here to help, it's such a boost to OFC and you know personally as well you know makes you feel as if you have something to strive for play for."