4 Dec 2006

Reports that final Iraqi refugee on Nauru found new home

6:11 am on 4 December 2006

An Australian newspaper is reporting that an Iraqi refugee held on Nauru for more than five years has been accepted by a Scandinavian country for resettlement.

The Age reports that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had negotiated a new future for Mohammed Sagar.

Four countries had been deterred by an adverse security assessment issued by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation or ASIO

Mr Sagar was the final offshore detainee of about 1500 asylum seekers who tried to arrive in Australia by boat in 2001,

Despite his security assessment, Mr Sagar has always maintained he is no threat to anyone.

He says he is thrilled to be able to get on with life, but has expressed concern about Mohammed Faisal, the Iraqi refugee who was with him on Nauru until he was evacuated to a Brisbane hospital in August after becoming suicidal.