4 Dec 2006

Solomons' auditor general will ignore complaints about foreign advisors in his office

9:26 pm on 4 December 2006

The auditor general in Solomon Islands Floyd Fatai says concerns have been raised about expatriate office staff by people who have something to hide.

Some government officials have expressed discontent about the work of the office abnd say positions should be localised.

The auditor general's office currently has five expatriates who are RAMSI technical advisors and auditors.

Mr Fatai says they are doing an excellent job and he says many people in the community agree with him.

He says the people who are complaining may well be afraid of getting caught out by investigation.

"For instance, now that the office is exposing them they turn around and use other things like such small issues, to try to undermine the work we're doing so far."

Floyd Fatai says the office is currently auditing the Departments of Agriculture and Livestock, Commerce, Employment, Lands and Survey.