6 Dec 2006

Fiji's coup makers establishing a military dictatorship

6:42 pm on 6 December 2006

Fiji's military commander has announced that he had dissolved parliament and made new appointments.

This comes a day after commodore Frank Bainimarama made himself acting president and unsuccessfully sought the resignation of the prime minister.

The military also announced that it had established a state of emergency.

The military commander says there's evidence that some elements within Fiji are preparing to cause trouble.

He has warned anyone planning an uprising they would be put down, and he says the ousted prime minister Laisenia Qarase would not return to power.

The commander says if the military are pushed to use force they will do so very quickly.

He says he had replaced the country's acting police chief Moses Driver with a military officer.

Mr Driver was detained by soldiers today after vowing that police would never cooperate with the military's illegal overthrow of the government.

And commodore Bainimarama also said some civil servants were not cooperating with the new regime, either by a lack of action or by being absent.

For that reason, he was appointing military officers as acting commissioners of police and prisons.