7 Dec 2006

Fiji NGOs call on international community not to impose sanctions on Fiji

4:41 pm on 7 December 2006

A group of Fiji NGOs have called for the international community not to impose sanctions for Fiji.

The coalition for democracy and peace says sanctions, which have already been implemented by the New Zealand Government, will mainly affect poor and marginalized Fiji citizens.

The Coalition says that the sanctions move the negative impact of the military takeover onto the ordinary people of Fiji.

They say that the country's citizens are also feeling the brunt of the military takeover, as important issues such as the increase in Valued Added Tax and the privatization of water are ignored.

The coalition also says that vulnerable groups are also particularly at risk of violence and increasing levels of HIV, as a result of reduced services.

The coalition also wants all appointments made by the regime should be referred to as military-appointments rather than caretaker appointments.