13 Dec 2006

Fiji military maintans it's united

6:15 pm on 13 December 2006

Fiji's army is insisting it is united despite reportedly coming under threat from an unknown group.

But at the same time, another province has called on it's men in the army to return to their villages.

Philippa Tolley has been following events in Suva.

"The Land force commander, Colonel Pita Driti, says the bond between soldiers at the moment is at at all time high. Speaking after a report in the Fiji Sun that the commodore had been threatened by a dissident group, he said the military had taken every precaution to ensure the commander's safety. There appear to be no concrete details about who is making the demands that everything be returned to its pre-coup state, except that it is a group of traditional warriors, whose role nowadays is normally largely ceremonial. The leaders of the province of Ba have called on their men to disengage from the military and refrain from being involved in what they term illegal activities being carried out by the military Meanwhile, the military appointed Prime Minister, Dr Jona Senilagakali, says he only expects to be in his position until the end of the year, when he says some one else will be appointed to the role."