22 Dec 2006

Fiji protestors at GCC charged with unlawful assembly

1:54 pm on 22 December 2006

Five protestors arrested outside the Great Council of Chiefs Meeting in Fiji yesterday say they have been now charged with unlawful assembly.

The five, who are members of the Young People's Concerned Network, were arrested for public order offences after standing outside the meeting carrying Fiji flags.

They are challenging the police to explain what part of the constitution was contravened by their peaceful protest.

One of the protestors, Peter Waqavonovono, described what had happened to them.

"They released us yesterday and they told us that no charges were actually going to be given to us and that we were actually going to be free. But then this morning they've received directives from the top, from somebody obviously put in by the military. And what's happening now is that they're charging us for unlawful assembly."

A police spokesperson was unable to confirm the charges.