28 Dec 2006

Solomons government declares Police Commissioner an undesirable immigrant

11:12 am on 28 December 2006

The Solomon Islands government has declared Police Commissioner Shane Castles an 'undesirable immigrant'.

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Patteson Oti made the declaration last Friday but it has only just been released.

Mr. Oti says in view of the sensitivity of the matter, he is not at liberty to disclose all of the reasons why Mr Castles had to be declared an undesirable immigrant except that his return to the country and continued presence there was considered prejudicial to the peace, security and good government of Solomon Islands.

He says Diplomats and officials who are deemed 'persona non grata' and non-diplomats who fall within the category of 'prohibited immigrants' can be lawfully excluded from the country at any time.

Commissioner Castles is currently on holiday in Australia and has not been able to be contacted for a response, although Mr Oti says he has been notified of the decision