10 Jan 2007

Long liners laid up in Niue

10:46 am on 10 January 2007

A Tahitian fishing company that has had two trawlers moored in Niue for the past two months due to financial problems, has asked a New Zealand shipping company to help.

Philip McNicol of Reef Shipping, says the two 30 metre long line boats owned by the Pacific Fishing Company have been moored in Alofi due to financial difficulties.

He says Pacific Fishing applied for three licenses to fish in Niue waters, and supply catches to the Niue Fish processing factory, a joint venture between the government and Reef.

The Pacific Fishing Co ran out of credit with the processing factory, and the two boats with their Filipino crews are stranded in Niue.

He says the deal to get catches from Pacific Fishing, has been short-lived.

"Its just a disappointment really. We'd really have wished they'd gone out and had a successful start so its really a missed opportunity really."

Philip McNicol says Reef is holding talks with the company, to try to work something out.