11 Jan 2007

American Samoa Senate President calls for some directors to resign

11:53 am on 11 January 2007

American Samoa Senate President Lolo Moliga has called for department directors unable to perform their jobs to resign.

Moliga said that performance was "sub par and susceptibility to mismanagement was heightened" in government departments and agencies where leadership quality was weak.

Lolo claims that politics sometimes dictates the selection of leaders to head agencies and in some cases, leadership selection is in the form of rewards for those individuals who actively participated in the campaign.

He says while these actions are inescapable and expected as an integral part of politics, the problem is the selfishness of individuals, who accept these leadership appointments, despite being aware that they lack the experience or the mental aptitude to successfully manage an agency.

He asked government directors, who are unable to perform their duties to do the right thing and submit their resignations