16 Jan 2007

Sacked Solomons police commissioner keen to return

3:46 pm on 16 January 2007

The sacked former Solomon Islands police commissioner says he's keen to return from Australia to finish restructuring the force.

The Solomons government has banned Shane Castles from re-entering the country, prompting widespread criticism from Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Mr Castles remains convinced the government is trying to destroy his credibility following a number of police investigations, which included senior goverment members.

Mr Castles is seeking legal advice over his contract, which expires in April.

He says he'd like to return to Honiara to finish various strategic projects, including the internal restructuring of the police force.

"There's lots of projects and quite a number of key strategic issues that I want to see through that will benefit not only the police force I believe but also the people of the Solomon islands, as the police deliver policing services."

Mr Castles believes it was the continuing probe into the suspended Attorney General, Julian Moti, which led to his constructive dismissal under the guise of an immigration ban.