22 Jan 2007

Clark says Fiji military must show pathway to democracy

4:24 pm on 22 January 2007

New Zealand's prime minister, Helen Clark, is maintaining her government's opposition to the military-led government of Fiji.

Responding to fears that New Zealand businesses exporting to Fiji could suffer, she says it's fanciful to think that Fiji's interim prime minister Commodore Bainimarama would personally block trade to retaliate against the New Zealand government, despite his threats to do so.

Appearing to hold out the prospect of an accommodation, Miss Clark says Commodore Bainimarama's administration should lay out a plan for taking Fiji back to democracy.

"There's one thing Fiji now has to do and it is, from these people who've seized power, indicate what is their pathway back to constitutional government. When there's an established pathway all the international organisations, all the nations like ourselves who've take a strong position against military coups, will then be able to see what the benchmarks are."

New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark.