23 Jan 2007

Fiji's ousted opposition leader says the country lacks maturity

8:39 pm on 23 January 2007

A senior political figure in Fiji says the country needs more maturity if it is to make the most of its future.

Mick Beddoes, the ousted opposition leader, has announced that he is stepping down from the Presidency of the United People's Party.

He says he will still speak out about events in his country, but he says there needs to be a change in the way problems are approached:

"I think problem we need to face as a nation is our immaturity. We seem to think only way to change people's attitudes and change people's or governments thinking is through the barrel of a gun. I think we don't have enough confidence in our own abilities to know that the art of persuasion will allow us to overcome and actaully achieve all the things we want to."

Fiji's ousted opposition leader, Mick Beddoes,