24 Jan 2007

Interim Fiji education minister to eradicte racism from education policies

11:11 am on 24 January 2007

Fiji's interim education minister has set up a taskforce to investigate all education policies of the deposed government that were racist in nature.

The Fiji Times quotes Netani Sukanaivalu as saying the taskforce will present its findings to the interim cabinet within a month.

Mr Sukanaivalu says all affirmative education programmes of the ousted SDL government have been suspended until the findings are released.

He says he is a multi-racial man who attends a multi-racial church and it is his mission that future education policies reflect the diverse ethnic groups in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Sukanaivalu says foreign aid for education, including aid from the European Union, has not been withdrawn since the military takeover.

Australian, British and Japanese diplomatic missions in Suva have confirmed there has not been any withdrawal of aid for educational purposes.