24 Jan 2007

Fiji military won't let Qarase meet Eminent Persons Group in Suva

3:13 pm on 24 January 2007

The military in Fiji says the deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, will not be allowed to travel to Suva to meet an Eminent Persons Group due to visit the country next week.

Major Neumi Leweni, spokesman for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, or RFMF, says if they want to meet him, they'll have to go to his home in the Lau group.

"As far as the RFMF is concerned we have advised Qarase to remain in Lau, and that advice remains for now. Which leaves the Eminent Group with no option but to visit him in Lau"

The group, which has been set up by the Pacific Forum, is travelling to Fiji to study the post-coup situation, and meet stakeholders there.

The Forum has confimed the group's visit will start with meetings next Monday, but says full details are still being finalised.