5 Feb 2007

American Samoa Senate considers wage increase for Governor and his deputy

10:47 am on 5 February 2007

A call by American Samoa Senator Alo Dr. Paul Stevenson to raise the salaries of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor is being supported by other senators.

Alo says it's time for a salary increase for the Governor to $100,000 and the Lt. Governor to probably $95,000.

He says these new salaries should not include other benefits the leaders are entitled to.

The current salary of the Governor is $85,000 annually while the Lt. Governor is at $75,000 and their salaries can only be increased by legislation.

These salary levels, which do not include perks and other benefits, were enacted by the Fono in 2001 when the Governor was earning $50,000 and his deputy $45,000

Alo said chief executive officers of government semi-autonomous agencies are making more than the Governor and Lt. Governor are currently earning annually.

Senators agreed to Alo's suggestion and plan to review the matter soon.