6 Feb 2007

PNGDF releases allowances for inquiry

11:35 am on 6 February 2007

The Papua New Defence Force Board of Inquiry into the Julian Moti saga says the PNGDF has finally released some allowances for the funding of the inquiry.

A warrant was issued last week for the arrest of PNG Defence Secretary, Frederick Punangi, and have him brought before the Defence inquiry.

Mr Punangi was wanted to answer claims he was delaying allowances for the funding of the inquiry.

The inquiry into who helped the Solomon Island's suspended Attorney General leave PNG in a defence force plane last October began in December and is to report to the Defence Minister next month.

Counsel assisting the inquiry, John Kawi, says that Mr Punangi has finally shown up to one of their hearings...

"He came before us last week on Thursday and we've cross-examined him and we're satisfied and so the warrant of arrest that was issued has been revoked."

John Kawi says Mr Punangi still hasn't released all of the funds for the Inquiry.