6 Feb 2007

Fiji Times lodges complaint after army assault

2:34 pm on 6 February 2007

Complaints are being laid today with the Fiji Human Rights Commission and the police over an alleged assault on a Fiji Times photographer by members of the military.

The incident happened last Friday when the photographer went to cover a raid on the Methodist Church.

He says he was taken in a military vehicle to the barracks, was roughed up and warned to watch what he did.

The paper has said it deplores such action.

But a spokesman for the Fiji Times's says they are not sure whether the complaints to police and the Human Rights Commission will result in any action:

"Whether they sit there until a day they can be investigated or whether they are going to be acted on now, something done, I'm not aware. All we can do is go through the procedure at the moment."

The military commander had previously given assurances that the media would be free to work without restriction, as long as it did not carry reports that could incite unrest.