13 Feb 2007

RAMSI's proposed medium term strategy may solve Solomons' government exit strategy concerns

8:09 pm on 13 February 2007

The special co-ordinator of the regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands, Tim George, says a medium term strategy being developed for the organisation will be vital in determining how long RAMSI stays in the country.

The need for an exit strategy was one of the key issues at this week's first of what will be a series of consultations between RAMSI, the Solomons government and the Pacific islands forum.

Mr George says the medium term strategy, which is now before the Solomons' government for consideration, is a very good way to define RAMSI's tasks and objectives and provide coherence between its activities and government policy.

"So that we see as a very good way forward in terms of, looking in quite some detail, at where RAMSI should be heading - what are the objectives - and secondly how to measure achievements against those objectives and I think it is going to become a very vital document in terms of the time RAMSI actually stay here."