16 Feb 2007

MPs scupper calls for probe into ban on sacked Solomons police commissioner

7:55 pm on 16 February 2007

The Solomon Islands parliament was adjourned because of a lack of quorum this afternoon following a debate about the attempted dismissal of the police commissioner, Shane Castles.

An opposition MP, William Haomae, had earlier in the day moved a motion calling for a probe into the government decision in December to ban Mr Castles from returning from Australia.

The government sought a brief adjournment of the sitting for legal clarifications.

But after the recess, only three ministers returned to parliament, which forced the speaker to close the sitting because of a lack of a quorum.

In December, the government declared Mr Castles an undesirable immigrant, claiming his presence in the country was prejudicial to the peace, security and good government of Solomon Islands.