17 Feb 2007

Solomon Islands govt plans public reconciliation between Guadalcanal and Malaita

11:57 am on 17 February 2007

The Solomon Islands Ministry for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace has planned a public reconciliation ceremony between the provinces of Guadalcanal and Malaita.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that the ceremony is part of the Ministry's provincial and national reconciliation programme for this year.

The National Unity Minister, Sam Idurii announced the proposed ceremony in parliament yesterday in answer to questions on the Ministry's work in addressing the issue of reconciliation in the country.

Mr Idurii says the public reconciliation ceremony is central to government's work towards the peace process.

He said this peace process will be incomplete without any meaningful reconciliation between the two provinces.

The Minister however said that the proposed public ceremony depends on a number of critical issues that would need to be agreed on by the provinces first.

Among the issues is the type of reconciliation, dialogue and assessment of reconciliation needs of both provinces, and when and where the provinces will be ready to meet.