22 Feb 2007

Solomons PM says opposition uses false affidavits to discredit him

3:10 pm on 22 February 2007

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has accused the parliamentary opposition of using former militants of the Malaita Eagle Force to lodge false affidavits against him.

Speaking in parliament yesterday, Mr Sogavare said he had seen these false affidavits, signed under oath, alleging that he was seen wearing a mask and directing a raid on the Rove Police armoury.

He said statements in the affidavit claimed that he later went up to the prime minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, and put him under house arrest in order to neutralise the security at the prime minister's office.

Mr Sogavare said there were even claims that he was involved in organising last year's riot in Honiara.

The prime minister said all these false allegations were designed to tarnish his image by portraying him as a criminal.